Monday, November 17, 2014

Frazzled Ain't Fabulous

Living an intentional, unfrazzled life!
As women, most of us love reading makeup tips or checking out the latest fashions.  But I'm coming to understand that real beauty isn't what you put on the outside. Real beauty comes from finding balance in your life. Fess up. How many of us are also searching for the latest time saver, organizing strategy, or whatever magic trick will help us stay on top of our crazy schedules?  See my hand raised, too?  Guess what?  Frazzled ain't fabulous! Racing here and there, mega-multitasking and packing three days worth of to dos into one day is no recipe for beauty or happiness.  You've heard what I'm going to say before - finding balance is the key!  I hear your response cause it was mine. "Yeah, exactly how am I going to do that?  It's not all bonbon eating and soap opera watching here! I'm getting my kids where they need to be, doing my job, volunteering at the school and church...What exactly do you want me to do?"
I have a few rules that I think will help. Today, I'll share the first one. Think about what your priorities are. What is most important to you?  How do you define a successful life for you?  Spend some time really thinking about it. Write it down. Then put those things down in order of importance. Rule two coming next!


  1. I beat you to it, Ms. J! I've trimmed several things and I already feel better. I'm letting my progeny trim a few, too. There's no reason to be frugal all day long, then wasteful with TIME.

    Great post and I can't wait to see the next rule!

    1. Love that line - be frugal all day and then waste time. Glad you are already finding that balance


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