Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Take Off The Mask!

I attended an amazing advanced instructor training this weekend. I knew it would be physically demanding. Little did I realize that a training for fitness instructors would be emotionally challenging as well!!  Two questions our trainer asked resonated with me. "What mask are you wearing? Why?"  At first I thought this was silly.  I fancy myself a very open and friendly person. I don't put on airs or wear masks. But as the weekend went on, I realized I was wearing a mask. Turns out my desire to be liked by others is stronger than my desire to be authentic. Rather than let people in on my true feelings, I put the mask on and pretend so that I don't make waves. More importantly, I realized that I am afraid to be a strong and powerful woman because I'm afraid that I might offend others. I don't know when I equated strong with rude or powerful with offensive.  My trainers were both strong and powerful but they weren't rude or offensive. Quite the opposite, they were honest, inspiring, humble and REAL!  Just in time for Halloween, I am determined to rip off the mask and just.be.me.  Not rude, overbearing me. Just me. Strange post for a beauty blog but I think that living with the mask off, allowing yourself to be vulnerable and true to yourself, is what beauty is all about! Who is going to join me?

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Two Changes For Perfect Three Minute Everyday Eye Makeup

 How does a busy mom with little makeup experience put on eye makeup?  Hurriedly and usually with lots of interruptions, right?
Wake up, shower, get dressed, put on makeup, pour coffee in go mug and race out the door.  That is my usual morning routine. Sure some mornings you can add fun variables like hunt for keys while cursing under my breath, pull clothes out of dryer like crazy woman looking for something clean, etc. but you get the idea.  But I have found two routine change ups that have made my morning easier - and no this is not going to be anything do your laundry more often, set stuff up the night before or whatever.  These are two things I actually do!

Flip flop one is an obvious one - drink the coffee before putting on makeup!  Seriously I drop more makeup and poke myself in the eye more times than I'd care to count!  Drink the coffee first!

Second one works even for natural morning people - Put Your Mascara On Before You Put On Eye Shadow.  Yep, I capitalized it cause it was that revolutionary to me.  I can't tell you the number of times I have my makeup done and am just putting on the mascara and boom, I smack myself in the eyelid or eyebrow with the mascara wand. Then I'm smearing it off along with the makeup I just put on.  No more! Put your liner on first, then mascara, then shadow!

So let's talk 3 minute eye makeup:

Step 1: Make sure you put primer on your eyes when you are putting it on your face. 

Step 2: Line the upper eye lid. Pick a color that works and isn't too harsh for day. I personally find black a little too much for daytime for me.  I prefer a dark blue or brown. If I'm feeling particularly wild I might go for a plum or green.  Yep, that's me going wild!

Step 3: Put on your mascara.  Pick one that gives you volume and lengthening. This helps your eyes stand out and makes you look more alert!  (Step 3b is wipe off any mistakes before you put on the eye shadow.)

Step 4: Use two fairly neutral eye shadow colors - one light and one a little darker.  I'm a fan of matte especially for daytime looks. It's much, much, much more forgiving. Sweep the light shade across the lid.  Take the darker one and press it into the crease and then down to the lid on the outside corner.  Blend well.  See how it works in this pic?  Super easy, super fast!

Then refill that coffee cup and go!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Makeup Tip Inspired By Ray Lewis?!

No, it's not what you think.  I'm not going to accuse Mr. Lewis of using a poor quality mascara that runs.  I'm sure he would only use the best.  Actually, while looking for ways to hide the evidence of too little sleep (you know the telltale dark circles) I ran across advice that suggested putting concealer in a triangle rather than a semi-circle under your eye.  Clearly this advice came from a a Ravens fan inspired by Mr. Lewis and can you trust Ravens fans for beauty advice?  Well this wife of a Redskins fan gave it a try and turns out, it works...if you do it really well. If not, well Halloween is coming soon.

Step 1: Use a good primer first. This gives you a smoother surface and allows the makeup to go on and stay on better. I tried one side with and one without. Don't try this without a good primer.

Step 2: Apply your foundation first! I have been doing this wrong and putting my concealer on first then foundation.  Flip the order and see huge results! I use a BB cream, but you can use a liquid or cream foundation if you prefer.

Step 3: Apply a thin layer of concealer in a triangle shape from under the inner part of the eye, to the outer and then down to a tip a bit above the apple of your cheek. Blend gently but well. Here's the key- make sure your concealer is only a shade lighter than your foundation.  If it is more than that, you will struggle to blend it in well enough to avoid Halloween look.

Try it yourself. Do one eye this way and one your old way. Then come back here and share your results!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Look Like Royalty, Not Raccoons

So how do I get gorgeous eyes like Kate Middleton?  Thank you paparazzi for snapping this not so flattering but quite informative photo.  Now we can copy her look in 4 simple steps!

Step 1: She loves her some eyeliner! Choose a black, dark brown or even navy and make a fairly thick line across the top and a thinner line across the bottom.  Do I need to stress how important it is to choose one that doesn't smudge?  We are going for looking like royalty, not raccoons, here!

Step 2: Sweep a light neutral shadow at the brow bone. Use a medium brown across the lid. Blend well.

Step 3:  Use a quality mascara to lengthen and darken your lashes. Invest in a mascara that will not smudge, flake or run.  (See the raccoon rule in step 1)

Step 4: With gentle, short, light strokes, fill in your brows with your favorite liner or powder.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Do or Don't?!

Several people have asked me if you are supposed to match your eye makeup to your outfit. Obviously if you are wearing a bright Dr. Huxtable style sweater from the 80s the answer is a resounding no...unless this is the look you are going for.

But what if it isn't such an easy call?  Some people do match their eye makeup to their clothes and look good. So is it a fashion do or fashion don't?  In all things fashion or beauty, I go to the expert, the style Yoda, Kate Middleton. She wears fabulous clothes of every color yet keeps her eye makeup natural so you notice her gorgeous eyes, not her bright eye makeup.  Following her lead is definitely a fashion do!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Fun Beauty Trick For All Ages

Beauty for all ages!  I saw a great eyeliner picture on Pinterest but thought, nope, too old for that look!  Still, it stayed in the back of my mind so I finally decided what the heck, I'll give it a try.  Amazing!  Got more compliments that day! It just makes your eyes look a little brighter without being over the top.  Got my sister to try it, too.  She looked fantastic!  So, what's the trick?  Line your eyes with your black eyeliner. Then take a silver liner and draw a line right above and just touching the black line. Two seconds to make a huge impact!  Give it a try and share your results!

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