Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Take Off The Mask!

I attended an amazing advanced instructor training this weekend. I knew it would be physically demanding. Little did I realize that a training for fitness instructors would be emotionally challenging as well!!  Two questions our trainer asked resonated with me. "What mask are you wearing? Why?"  At first I thought this was silly.  I fancy myself a very open and friendly person. I don't put on airs or wear masks. But as the weekend went on, I realized I was wearing a mask. Turns out my desire to be liked by others is stronger than my desire to be authentic. Rather than let people in on my true feelings, I put the mask on and pretend so that I don't make waves. More importantly, I realized that I am afraid to be a strong and powerful woman because I'm afraid that I might offend others. I don't know when I equated strong with rude or powerful with offensive.  My trainers were both strong and powerful but they weren't rude or offensive. Quite the opposite, they were honest, inspiring, humble and REAL!  Just in time for Halloween, I am determined to rip off the mask and just.be.me.  Not rude, overbearing me. Just me. Strange post for a beauty blog but I think that living with the mask off, allowing yourself to be vulnerable and true to yourself, is what beauty is all about! Who is going to join me?


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