Monday, October 13, 2014

Makeup Tip Inspired By Ray Lewis?!

No, it's not what you think.  I'm not going to accuse Mr. Lewis of using a poor quality mascara that runs.  I'm sure he would only use the best.  Actually, while looking for ways to hide the evidence of too little sleep (you know the telltale dark circles) I ran across advice that suggested putting concealer in a triangle rather than a semi-circle under your eye.  Clearly this advice came from a a Ravens fan inspired by Mr. Lewis and can you trust Ravens fans for beauty advice?  Well this wife of a Redskins fan gave it a try and turns out, it works...if you do it really well. If not, well Halloween is coming soon.

Step 1: Use a good primer first. This gives you a smoother surface and allows the makeup to go on and stay on better. I tried one side with and one without. Don't try this without a good primer.

Step 2: Apply your foundation first! I have been doing this wrong and putting my concealer on first then foundation.  Flip the order and see huge results! I use a BB cream, but you can use a liquid or cream foundation if you prefer.

Step 3: Apply a thin layer of concealer in a triangle shape from under the inner part of the eye, to the outer and then down to a tip a bit above the apple of your cheek. Blend gently but well. Here's the key- make sure your concealer is only a shade lighter than your foundation.  If it is more than that, you will struggle to blend it in well enough to avoid Halloween look.

Try it yourself. Do one eye this way and one your old way. Then come back here and share your results!

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  1. This works wonders! Thanks, once again, for the tip!


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